“Value” drives everything we do at MAP. Our approach is based on the belief that investing in a diversified, global portfolio of high-quality, temporarily undervalued stocks can lead to long-term, successful investing through numerous market cycles.

We contend that the market often has short term inefficiencies and will price valuable company stocks at a discount. MAP can exploit these periodic, bargain-price situations that have not been recognized by the majority of other investors. Over time, it is anticipated that the prices will rise to reflect the true value of a company. In addition, MAP is benchmark agnostic, thus the composition of a benchmark does not influence portfolio construction. We believe that letting a benchmark influence the decision-making process can hinder long-term success. The goal is to build a portfolio that capitalizes on our successful investment process, deep intellectual capital and experienced portfolio team – instead of simply reflecting the characteristics of an index.

We pay attention to what could go right and lead to an increase in value, as well as to what could go wrong equating to a decrease in value. To mitigate risk, we diversify investments, hedge where appropriate, invest in stocks that are sufficiently underpriced and consistently employ an unemotional sell discipline. We also only purchase readily marketable, publicly-traded securities which have consistently available and reliable information and prices determined by an active market. This avoids risks assumed with investment classes such as limited partnerships, private placements, and other alternative investments.

Our ultimate goal is to provide consistent added value across market cycles with meaningful downside risk mitigation. MAP’s entire staff is dedicated to our philosophy and process which has produced historically strong, long-term, risk-adjusted returns for our clients.