Firm Overview

Who we are and where we began:

When a Forbes 400 member sold his firm in the 1990s for just under a billion dollars, he hired Michael Dzialo to invest and manage his newly liquid personal wealth.  Managed Asset Portfolios (MAP) was founded as an SEC-registered investment advisory firm, and in 2001 Michael opened the doors to families and institutions across the nation.  

Investing globally from our headquarters in Rochester, Michigan, today MAP helps over 500 clients preserve and grow their wealth utilizing a strict, global, value-based investment approach aiming to achieve an optimal balance between enhancing returns while managing risk.

What we do:

MAP provides investment advisory and global asset management services to affluent families, non-profits, family offices and institutions.  

Our commitment to global value investing has been the key to our success and that of our clients. Our mission is to deliver superior investment performance over the long term, while consciously moderating downside volatility, and preserving capital.  

Our servicing process begins by gaining a deep understanding of our clients’ financial aspirations, investment objectives and risk tolerances.  We then design and manage investment programs that provide the best prospects of achieving their goals.

While we do study global research and information from third parties, the foundation of our investment process and decision making is our extensive, in-house fundamental company, industry and economic research.  We combine this with a disciplined valuation process, an abundance of common sense and a healthy dose of humility which has proven to result in long-term prospects for capital appreciation and/or income while prudently identifying and managing risk.

MAP’s growth and client retention rate is a direct result of our passion for investing, disciplined approach, experienced team, aligned interests, commitment to excellence and integrity in all that we do.

What makes us different?

Our steadfast, long-term and contrarian value approach to portfolio design defines our culture of investment process consistency and not being swayed by market manias, short-term trends or speculative investments.  Alongside our uncompromising commitment to honoring our fiduciary duty, our portfolio managers and members of our staff invest alongside our clients.  We believe that the return of capital is as important as the return on capital. We aim to grow and protect our clients’ wealth as we would our own.

Our proven and repeatable investing process is evidenced by our ability to successfully manage money through global economic triumph and turbulence.  As an unencumbered, boutique firm, we invest around the globe and are not limited by geography, market capitalization, or a benchmark.  

Independent and employee owned, MAP has aligned interests with our clients and is solely focused on investing.  We are unconstrained by ownership affiliations or partnerships with investment banks, broker dealers, accounting firms, insurance companies or law firms.  We focus only on what we do best – global value-based investing.  

Fiduciary Duty:
We believe that every investment decision requires good faith, transparency and honesty.  As an investment adviser, MAP has a “fiduciary duty” which means the firm is legally and ethically obligated to put the client’s best interest before its own.  Many are aware that not all financial advisors are fiduciaries.  If a firm is not a legally bound fiduciary, they are only required, by law, to fulfill a suitability obligation.  This means that while they must provide suitable recommendations, they are not required to put their client’s interest before their own.

We attract, motivate and retain highly talented and ambitious professionals who share a passion for the global markets and economy.  The majority of our investment team has worked together for over 20 years.  Our entrepreneurial, team-based and action-oriented business culture is not interested in corporate bureaucracy or office politics.   Our experienced team focuses on one thing – successfully investing for our clients.